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The USGBC North Texas Chapter is holding an election to fill four seats on the Chapter's Board of Directors. Those elected will begin three-year terms in January 2014. 

The election is open to Chapter members until December 20, 2013. You must be a current member on the day the election opens.

Below are your candidates for the 2014 Board of Directors. Please click on their names to view the candidate applications for more information from each candidate on their background, experience and motivations for supporting sustainable building in North Texas. 

Douglas W. Ekstrom
Business Development Director - Senior Associate - Engineer
DFW Consulting Group, Inc.

David W. Hensley
Hensley Lamkin Rachel, Inc.

Adolfo Danilo Lopez
Associate Vice President

Chris Mundell
Vice President/Sustainable Design Coordinator
HKS, Inc. 

David Trevino (Incumbent)
Senior Program Manager of Facilities Planning and Design and Construction
Dept. of Public Works and Transportation
City of Dallas

Place your vote.

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Written by Michelle McEuen Category CHAPTER NEWS

Dear Friends,

As I contemplate the challenge of leading the North Texas Chapter throughout 2012, I realize that I have grown more passionate about making an impact on the North Texas region – and beyond. I look forward to leading a vibrant and diverse constituency of builders and developers, architects and engineers, corporations and non-profit organizations, elected officials and concerned citizens, universities, teachers and students. Additionally, I am convinced that we must move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, vision, and a bold plan to serve our communities in ways that may not have been considered in the past. 

It is with this determination and with the support of our Board of Directors that I will soon announce the development of a Green Building Resource Center. In essence, we have developed a vision and a plan to evolve from what we are today to what we must become in order to provide unlimited new opportunities for connecting individuals and businesses with the people, information and ideas they need to be a part of the rapidly growing green building industry.

I am confident that this bold, new plan will reap great rewards in the future. I seek and encourage your thoughts and ideas as we work through this positive growth process together. As a non-profit organization, our work is only possible because of the generous donations of our stakeholders. If you want more information about our wonderful programs or would like to support these efforts, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best wishes for a New Year!

Kevin Rogers, Your 2012 Chairman

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As designers, we have a unique responsibility to understand and articulate the big picture folded within environmental issues and their effect on our planet and humanity.  After all, everything we design has a far-reaching, long-term impact on the environment and the people who interact with the buildings we design.  Over the past decade it has become common knowledge that the built environment has a vast impact on us and our world, consuming over 40% of all energy we use, using up to 30% of all raw materials on earth, and polluting the air we breathe.

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These days, commercial real estate conferences and industry gatherings boast a healthy representation of breakout sessions, products and services promoting environmental responsibility and the latest in green building trends…and that’s a good thing. But, talking about going green and actually taking steps to transform a building are quite different.

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