Written by Betsy del Monte, LEED AP Category POLICY

The headlines these days can’t seem to find enough words to trumpet all the concern about sustainable use of resources.  It seems that everything is “going green” and at multiple levels. There are numerous incentives at various levels that are in existence or are in the process of implementation that encourage sustainable construction activities.  Some of the incentives occur at the national level, while others occur at the state or local level.  Together, they will make a significant impact on the adoption of sustainable building practice.  As we have been hearing from the new administration, environmental concerns are a high priority.  This has been substantiated by the shape of the recently passed stimulus package.

Written by Robert Smouse, LEED AP Category POLICY


During the previous State of Texas 2007 Legislature Session, many green building advocates throughout the State were caught off guard of numerous House and Senate Legislative bills that were discussed pertaining to green building, high performance structures, increased energy efficiency standards, renewable energy, and the LEED Rating System.  Well, that did not happen with the current legislation session!

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